Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doom Patrol #115

Doom Patrol #115 (On Sale: September 5, 1967) as usual has a cover by Bob Brown.

Inside we have the cover story "The Mutant Master" by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. Three monstrous atomic mutants plan to destroy the world in vengeance for their tragic fate, and the Doom Patrol is defeated in its encounters with the trio. At the same time, Madame Rouge's split personality, aggravated by the mental coercion of both the Brian and the Chief, causes her to become two separate beings, who battle to the destruction of her evil half.

The second story, "General Beast Boy -- of the Ape Brigade" is also by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. In this the continuation of the retelling of Beast Boy's origin, wherein the young Beast Boy smashes a plot by Nazi war criminals to raise an army of intelligent, obedient apes. He is then finally found by his guardian, Nicholas Galtry, who returns with him to America.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff

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