Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Metamorpho #15

Metamorpho #15 (On Sale:September 275, 1967) features a Sal Trapani cover.

"Hour of Armageddon" is by Bob Haney, Sal Trapani and Charles Paris. Continuing the story from Metamorpho #14, after witnessing Metamorpho being obliterated by the Thunderer, Element Girl attacks the villain and suffers the same fate as the Element Man. She soon finds herself in a sub-atomic universe separated into three parts. Metamorpho is also trapped in the same micro-verse with her. Working together they are able to restore themselves to normal with the additional help of boy genius Billy Barton.

While Metamorpho is presumed dead, the Thunderer demands Earth's surrender from the United Nations. Metamorpho returns to battle the mutant, but finds his powers are not enough. Billy Barton provides the Element Man further assistance by delivering a laser to him. The laser proves more effective against the Thunderer.

As the battle continues, an alien ship arrives containing two members of the Thunderer's race. Reprinted in Showcase Presents:Metamorpho Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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