Friday, June 15, 2007

Star Spangled War Stories #134

Star Spangled War Stories #134 (On Sale: June 15, 1967) has another great Russ Heath "War That Time Forgot" cover. The color is a little bland, but the visual is terrific. It had been four years since PT109 starring Cliff Robertson has come out, but I think PT boats still had a "cool factor" for quite a while. Nice Crocosaur by Heath too!

Inside we have "The Killing Ground" by Robert Kanigher and Neal Adams featuring "War That Time Forgot." This story was reprinted in 1973 in G.I. War Tales #2 which also used the same Russ Heath cover but with much worse coloring (the Crocosaur was purple!).

The backup story is "Ace of the Death Cloud" by Howard Liss and Jack Abel.

Edited by Robert Kanigher.

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