Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Falling In Love #93

Falling In Love #93 (On Sale: June 20, 1967) features a cover attributed to Jay Scott Pike, but it doesn't look like Pike to me. This might be an interior panel blown up and it might be Pike with an inker.

Inside we have two stories by persons unknown: "He Only Used My Love" and "Tomorrow is Never," the latter a reprint from Secret Hearts #44 with partially redrawn artwork to update the clothes and hair. Lastly we have our cover-story "Don't Fall in Love with Me" which is penciled by Jay Scott Pike.

Edited by Jack Miller.


TomM said...

I think it's Pike with an inker, and I'm going to guess Vinnie Colletta!

rob! said...

i'd love to see DC do a line of romance comics again, and hire people like Craig Thompson, Andi Watson, and Chynna Major to do 'em.