Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Army at War #184

Our Army at War #184 (On Sale: June 29, 1967) has a bland "Sgt. Rock" cover by Joe Kubert. In the future Kubert would never have picked such a lack-luster angle and would have greatly increased the drama in this, what should be, riveting scene. This is the second issue of Our Army at War to be released this month.

Inside we have "Candidate for a Firing Squad" by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert featuring "Sgt. Rock."

The backup story "Invasion Beach Taxi" is a reprint from Our Army at War #44 by Bob Haney and Russ Heath.

Edited by Robert Kanigher


rob! said...

man, there REALLY needs to be a HC book of DC war comics covers!

-Keller said...

Between Kubert and Heath DC owned war books for 20 years straight. No one could touch their stuff.