Friday, June 22, 2007

Brave and the Bold #73

Brave and the Bold #73 (On Sale: June 22, 1967) has a really weird cover by Carmine Infantino and Charles Cuidera featuring Aquaman and the Atom.

Inside we have Aquaman and the Atom in "Galg the Destroyer" by Bob Haney and Sal Trapani. Aquaman and Aqualad battle a group of undersea raiders only to watch them disappear from sight. Aquaman suspects that they may have shrank into a droplet of water, so he gathers the nearby water droplets and takes them to Atlantis. When scientist Dr. Vulko is able to identify the droplet containing the raiders, Aquaman summons help in the form of the Atom.

Before the Atom arrives, Aquaman is hit by a beam that shrinks him and transports him to the droplet world. Atom is then forced to enter the droplet to save Aquaman. Inside he finds an evil and intelligent plankton creature called Galg who is in charge of the raiders.

Edited by George Kashdan.


rob! said...

can't beat a bad guy named "Galg".

-Keller said...

I agree. After all these years if someone would have asked me about a monster named Galg I would have said it was from B&B. Unforgettable!