Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teen Titans #10

Teen Titans #10 (On Sale: May 16, 1967) has a nice Nick Cardy cover with some great biker action, which is once again marred by Go-Go Checks and ugly logos. Also, the coloring adds nothing to this guy. Jim Smith on the DC History Yahoo group wondered why Kid Flash couldn't keep up. I wonder why, if you were as fast as he is, you would bring up the rear where you had to choke down all that dust!

Inside we have "Scramble at Wildcat" by Bob Haney, Irv Novick and Nick Cardy. Robin and the Titans attend a bike rally in the oil ghost-town of Wildcat, only to be ambushed, one-by-one, by the Scorcher and his outlaw cycle gang, the Bike Buzzards, during the race. The Buzzards loot the surrounding area and take over Wildcat as their base.

Edited by George Kashdan.

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