Friday, May 18, 2007

House of Mystery #168

House of Mystery #168 (On Sale: May 18, 1967) has a Dial H for H.E.R.O. cover by Jim Mooney.

"The Marauding Moon Man" is the Dial H for H.E.R.O. story written by Dave Wood and drawn by Jim Mooney. In it Thunderbolt chief Erick Bolton aka Mr. Thunder escapes from prison. A lab accident gives Bolton new powers derived from the moon. As Moon Man he puts together a gang and returns to crime. Robby Reed uses his H-Dial to become the Hoopster and battle the Moon Man. The two opponents are evenly matched, until Moon Man is supercharged by exposure to moonlight and escapes.

The back-up feature is "Thantos -- the 3-in-1 Man" starring the Martian Manhunter and it's by Jack Miller and Joe Certa. Zook witnesses a bank robbery in the town of Woodsville committed by a strange alien creature named Thantos. Thantos is working with a group of Earth criminals. Zook destroys their car, but Thantos flies them to safety. 3000 miles away the Martian Manhunter hears about the robbery. Since Vulture has been inactive recently, he decides to return to America to investigate.

During J'onn's first encounter with Thantos, the alien splits into three beings and escapes. Zook then tracks down the Earth criminals and learns that Thantos is from another dimension and needs several items in order to remain in this dimension.

Edited by Jack Schiff.

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