Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Army at War #182

Our Army at War #182 (On Sale: May 2, 1967) has another great Russ Heath "Sgt. Rock" cover.

Inside we have "The Desert Rats of Easy" by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath featuring "Sgt. Rock."

The real news here though is the backup story, "It's My Turn to Die," written by Howard Liss and introducing the Pulse-Pounding Penciling Wizardry of Neal Adams! DC Comics will never be the same. Over the next few years Neal will turn DC on its head, redefining comic book super-hero art forever. But it all started at DC right here, on a Bob Kanigher war book.

I just purchased a copy of this bood on ebay and thought I would share a bit of the history. Here is the first four pages of Neal Adams' first work at DC. Enjoy!

Edited by Robert Kanigher.


conaxxx said...

Mr. Keller,

My name is David Brooks. I'm a US Diplomat stationed in Lima, Peru. This Wednesday, I plan to give a public talk about my comic book collection. In particular, I want to focus on how DC War Comics in the late 1960s helped promote anti-racist ideas and greater tolerance among American youth (like myself--I am 49). I am driving myself nuts tonight trying to find one of my DC War comics, which has a cover of a Japanese-American soldier charging against a German with a flamethrower. The Nazi says to himself, "Got im himmel, why does that Japanese swallow flame to save an American tank?" The cover is by Russ Heath. Inside they reproduce another cover they considered by Joe Kubert. I really wanted to use this image to help make my point but, having gone through my collection, I can't find this comic book. Do you know which one I mean? Could some patriot out there who is willing to help his diplomats do outreach maybe scan me a copy of the cover and send it to me?
I've been searching the Internet in vain. I'm sure other collectors of DC War comics (like you and me) will recognize this issue. The misundrstood Nisei soldier was a theme in DC War comics. I agree with you that Russ Heath and Joe Kubert (along with Robert Khaniger) were one of the greatest graphic story teams of all time. If you can help me, or would just like to correspond, drop me a line.


David Brooks
US Embassy, Lima (personal e-mail

-Keller said...


Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The book you are looking for is G.I. Combat #118, June-July 1966 and you should be able to link to a copy of it here: