Friday, May 25, 2007

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #103

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #103 (On Sale: May 25, 1967) has a Curt Swan and George Klein cover. It's another one of those "I gotta find out what is going on" covers.

Inside we have "The Murder of Clark Kent" by Leo Dorfman and Pete Costanza. Jimmy Olsen is taken prisoner by a gang of crooks led by Maximo. The crooks try to brainwash Jimmy in order to get him to kill Superman. For his first assignment, Jimmy is forced to steal secret information from Clark Kent's desk. When Clark catches him, Jimmy shoots Clark with a shock gun. Jimmy then believes that he is a murderer.

Jimmy rejoins the crooks and helps lure Superman into a Kryptonite trap.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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