Friday, September 11, 2009

House of Mystery #183

House of Mystery #183 (On Sale: September 11, 1969) has a cover by Neal Adams.

We begin with an intro page featuring Cain by Joe Orlando, which leads into "The Haunting" by Jack Oleck and Jerry Grandenetti. This is followed by an one-page Odds and Ends from Cain's Cellar a reprint by an unknown writer and artist.

Next from Cain's True Files we have "The Dead Can Kill!" by Marv Wolfman and Bernie Wrightson. That is followed by a Page 13 by Joe Orlando and Sergio Aragones and a Cain's Game Room by Sergio Aragones.

We end with "The Secret of the Whale's Vengence" by Robert Kanigher, Jerry Grandenetti and Wally Wood. The entire book was reprinted in Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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