Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beware the Creeper #6

Beware the Creeper #6 (On Sale: January 21, 1969), the last issue of this title, has a wonderful, dramattic Gil Kane cover.

"A Time to Die" is written by Denny O'Neil, pencilled by Steve Ditko and Jack Sparling and inked by Mike Peppe. Over at The Comics Bulletin Thom Young did a very in-depth look at Ditko at DC entitled, Ditko Shrugged. He has doubts that Ditko actually drew any of this issue or any of last issue for that matter, though he does think that Steve Ditko may have provided rough layouts that Mike Peppe or Jack Sparling or someone turned into final pages. It's a good read, though I don't think Neal Adams drew parts of Beware the Creeper #5 as Young does.

Back to this issue, continuing from last issue, Proteus leaves the Creeper to die by drowning in a sewer tunnel. Before he departs, the villain reveals that he is Jack Ryder's roommate Rip Cord. The Creeper manages to avoid drowning and escapes the tunnel. He then tracks down Proteus who is impersonating the governor. The two men battle above the dam, which Proteus is trying to destroy. The Creeper prevails when Proteus falls over the edge with explosives and dies in the explosion.

Edited by Dick Giordano.

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