Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anthro #5

Anthro #5 (On Sale: January 21, 1969) has a cover by Howie Post.

"The River of No Return" is written and drawn by Howie Post. Anthro and his family escape from Katara on a log raft. In the rapids, Anthro falls into the water and is separated from the others. Ne-Ahn gets his family to safety then looks for Anthro. The boy has washed up on shore and is forced to climb the nearby rocks to avoid a group of bears. Anthro finds a clan of bear hunters led by his uncle Do-Ahn. Anthro and Do-Ahn then make their way to Ne-Ahn and the other members of his family. Ne-Ahn and Do-Ahn are reunited for the first time in years. Anthro then receives word that Embra, his betrothed, is migrating south with her family.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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