Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angel and the Ape #3

Angel and the Ape #3 (On Sale: January 14, 1969) has a cover by Bob Oksner.

"The Curse of the Avarice Clan" is drawn by Bob Oksner and Wally Wood. Angel is hired by lawyer B. Craven Quail to protect Cad Avarice on Avarice Island. Several of the Avarice heirs are murdered in the castle. Angel searches for the killer and identifies Miss Hemlock, the cook. Sam Simeon then arrives on the scene having followed Stan Bragg to the castle who has escaped from the asylum. Angel and Sam then expose the lawyer Quail as the man behind the killings. He was embezzling money from Avarice and was attempting to kill all the heirs including Angel who is a distant cousin of Cad Avarice. When Cad dies, Angel inherits the estate as the only surviving relative, but she learns the estate is now worthless.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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