Friday, December 19, 2008

Witching Hour #1

Witching Hour #1 (On Sale: December 19, 1968) has a very moody cover by Nick Cardy.

This was DC's second foray into horror/mystery titles giving the House of Mystery some competition. Editor Dick Giordano went with a trio of "hosts" for this book, two older witches (Mildred and Mordred) and a young, hip witch (Cynthia). I liked this book and Giordano got the most amazing artists for his horror stories. He also made the stories of the old vs. young witches and the bumbling Igor a lot of fun.

Like House of Mystery, the Witching Hour's hosts appeared in framing sequences around the actual stories, but in the Witching Hour they tended to be more of another story in themselves involving the interactions between the three witches. This first issue begins by introducing the hosts in "Let the Judge Be...You!!!" written and drawn by Alex Toth.

Next is "Save the Last Dance for Me" by Denny O'Neil and Pat Boyette. Trapley is rich and selfish and has a machine that has locked onto earth 100 years into the future. He wants all the benefits of traveling there for himself, and what he finds...well, you'll have to read the story. Reprinted in Witching Hour #38.

That is followed by "Eternal Hour" another tale with Alex Toth story and art. Terwit is dwarfish and is teased and ridiculed by the town's boys. Most adults do nothing to stop it. Terwit recluses himself in a clock tower and the clock from then on is stopped at midnight. Years later, many of those boys, now men, go to the tower to drive Terwit out and their screams cry out...Why? Reprinted in Witching Hour #38.

Next is "The Perfect Surf" drawn by Jack Sparling. Stanley is totally nuts about surfing. He really never even notices the total babe at his side. He is obsessed with finding the "perfect wave". He is afforded an opportunity to find that wave in the dead of night. Reprinted in Witching Hour #38.

The book ends with the Epilogue to "Let the Judge Be...You!!!" written by Alex Toth and drawn by Neal Adams.

Edited by Dick Giordano.


Mike Mitchell said...

I totally love this blog. I just landed here by accident while surfing but DC comics of the 70's have always been a huge influence on me as an artist. I tried to make add this to my links page on my blog, but it showed an error... I'll keep trying though. What a great resource you have provided... AWESOME!

nick said...

I second Mike's comments--kudos to Keller for all his efforts. This is loads of fun for those of us who were buying these comics way back when. I especially appreciate some of the "behind the scenes" tidbits about artists, politics, etc., which I had no clue about at the time.

-Keller said...

Thanks guys. This is loads of fun for me as well, as I get to relive these books as I write here about them. I didn't buy them all, but I own a lot of these books and just looking at a cover or remembering a story can shoot me back in time conjuring up a particular smell or sensation as vividly as anything in my life. I've had a few lapses this year in getting these up in time, but hopefully I will be at this for a another few years at least