Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Superman #214

Superman #214 (On Sale: December 12, 1968) has a cover by Neal Adams.

We begin with "The Ghosts That Haunted Superman" by Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Jack Abel. Superman begins seeing ghosts of his former foes, Metallo, the Composite Superman, and Zha-Vam. Each time Superman sees one of the ghosts he is put in a life or death situation. He presses on despite the fact that he is losing the fight. Eventually, Superman concludes that the ghosts are phonies.

An alien named Nador is responsible for the ghosts. The ugly alien wanted to join an interplanetary club and was given the task of making Superman beg for his life. Superman returns with Nador to the club's planet. The members are happy to meet the Man of Steel and induct Nador as a reward, despite his failing the initiation test.

The back-up is "How Perry White Hired Clark Kent" reprinted from Superman #133 and produced by Jerry Siegel and Al Plastino. Clark Kent has moved to Metropolis. As a way to investigate criminal activities, Clark tries to get a job as a reporter for the Daily Planet. The editor, Perry White, is not impressed with Kent initially, but he is convinced by another reporter Lois Lane to give Clark a chance.

Perry sends Clark on a series of pedestrian assignments hoping that Clark will return without much of a story, but with the help of his powers Clark is able to deliver a scoop each time. For his final trial, Clark must get a picture of Superman with some Kryptonite. Clark, as Superman himself, does so using imitation Kryptonite. Perry is suitably impressed and hires Clark permanently.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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