Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 1968

And so we leave 1968 behind. It was a great year at DC Comics. Neal Adams sort of took over the look of DC, revamping more than one book with just covers alone. Nick Cardy began to blossom as a cover artist and Dick Giordano arrived with Steve Skeates, Denny O'Neil, Jim Aparo, Steve Ditko, Joe Gil and Pat Boyette in tow. Under the guidance of Carmine Infantino, the artists took over as editors/creators. Wonder Woman got a reboot as did the Phantom Stranger as the mystery/horror books began to multiply, many under the editorship of EC's Joe Orlando. Bat Lash, Captain Action, The Secret Six, Anthro, Brother Power, The Geek, The Hawk and the Dove and The Creeper all debuted while Blackhawks, Metamorpho, The Inferior Five, Plastic Man and the Doom Patrol all left us. It was a great year!

But wait till you see 1969!


mykalel said...

Thanks for the wondrous looks back to 1968. The 1969 stories should be my starting point with DC Comics. I started reading the Australian reprint titles in 1970 which would have been 1969-published stories. I look forward to the nostalgia rushes to come in the weeks ahead.

Norman Boyd said...

Likewise Keller - thanks a lot for your hard work during the last year. I'll be here for 1969!

Sharon said...

I too am eagerly looking forward to the 1969 columns. 1968 was indeed a watershed year for DC; as you state, they were changing and trying to attract a more sophisticated audience in an attempt to become "relevant" and compete with Marvel.