Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green Lantern #66

Green Lantern #66 (On Sale: November 26, 1968) has a cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.

"5708 A.D.... a Nice Year to Visit -- But I Wouldn’t Want to Live Then" is by John Broome, Mike Sekowsky and Joe Giella. Green Lantern returns to the future era which he has often visited and is reunited with Dasor and Iona Vane. They explain that machines are now performing all the work on the planet, and humans are allowed to relax. GL discovers that the people including Dasor and Vane are under the control of an alien named Gudron. When defeated Gudron disintegrates, and the people are free from his control.

Green Lantern attempts to return to his own time period, but an unseen force stops him. When he consults Iona and Dasor, he discovers them hypnotized again. This time the culprit is Gudron's boss, Vortan. GL defeats him too, then realizes that both aliens were created by a computer than has achieved independent intelligence. Green Lantern destroys the computer, permanently ending the threat, before returning to his own time period.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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