Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Date With Debbi #1

Date With Debbi #1 (On Sale: November 26, 1968) has a cover by Samm Schwartz. This may be the only Dick Giordano edited book I not only did not buy but I don't think I ever saw on the stands.

We begin with Debbi in "Detention's the Thing," in which Debbi bumps into the new boy in school, Todd and gets detention

That is followed by Binky in "Training Blacks and Blues". Binky gets on the football team

We end with Debbi in "Eeeek -- It's a Heap."  Buddy picks up the girls in a Jeep to go to the Country Club. All of these are by persons unknown.

Edited by Dick Giordano.


Steven Rowe said...

This is a Samm Schwartz cover -
he had been the editor at Tower (editing botrh Tippy Teen and THUNDER Agents, and before that art director at Archie, when DC closed the teen humor line, he returned to Archie.

-Keller said...

How do you identify his artwort? Is it he eyes, which seem pretty unique to me?

Steven Rowe said...

to me, having seen 30 years of his art, it's easy to ID this late stuff (dont ask me about his 40s-50s material). but the mouth, and the body language, the shoulders. it was during the time, that he begain using a stencil type approach to the drawing - lots of room for color (he was an art director after all) - I suspect its that stencil look you are noticing in the eyes.