Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Girls' Romances #138

Girls' Romances #138 (On Sale: November 26, 1968) has a cover penciled by Vince Colletta.

We begin with "Love from a Stranger" penciled by Tony Abruzzo and later reprinted in Love Stories #152. That is followed by "Romance Without Love" inked by Bernard Sachs, which must be a reprint from somewhere and "Bring Me Your Heart" which is reprinted from Falling In Love #28 and penciled by John Forte. The book ends with "Letters of Heartbreak" penciled by Vince Colletta and repornted in Young Love #112.

Edited by Jack Miller.

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Dave Potts said...

Keller said: "... and repornted in Young Love #112."

"Repornted"? Is that a Freudian slip there, Barry? Your thoughts start heading in a slightly different direction when you look at these "romance" comics?