Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leave It To Binky #62

Leave It To Binky #62 (On Sale: June 11, 1968) has a cover by Bob Oksner. Reminds me of that joke by Woody Allen about him water skiing on his honeymoon, how great he looked with the wind blowing through his red hair, the sun glinting off is one oiled muscle and his wife frantically rowing the boat.

(Hmm... so there's going to be a block party...) is a reprint from Leave It To Binky #25, while (Heh-heh! Hello, Pop!) is a reprint from Leave It To Binky #27 . Both stories feature artwork that has been altered to update the clothing and hairstyles of the characters.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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frank said...

Does a copy of Binky #62 have any monetary value ?