Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heart Throbs #115

Heart Throbs #115 (On Sale: June 25, 1968) has a cover by Jay Scott Pike.

We begin with "Cry Alone" drawn by Tony Abruzzo and follow that with "Model for Love" a reprint from Falling In Love #54 drawn by Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs. We end with "3 Girls--Their Lives...Their Loves Episode 14" which is drawn by Jay Scott Pike.

Edited by Jack Miller.


rob! said...

i never realized how many great covers these DC romance books! let's get a HC book together, DC!

-Keller said...

I love all of the Jay Scott Pike covers. I have been quietly petitioning Mark Evanier to get a panel together for SDCC of the DC Romance artists that are still with us: Pike, Tony Abruzzo, Ric Estrada, Nick Cardy, John Romita; Gene Colan, John Rosenberger (is he still alive?), Dick Giordano, etc., but any one else who wants to drop Mark a note on this is welcome to do so.

You could do a hell of a slide presentation of these covers.