Friday, June 6, 2008

Batman #204

Batman #204 (On Sale: June 6, 1968) has a pretty interesting cover by Irv Novick that sure looks like it was based on a Carmine Infantino design. This is the first Batman cover to feature a darker, more moody feel. Carmine Infantino bought out Bob Kane's Batman contract and this issue ushers in Infantino's new direction for Batman - darker and more serious, with stories that are much more mystery and action oriented.

That new direction begins with "Operation:Blindfold" by new Batman scribe Frank Robbins and new Batman artist Irv Novick and inker Joe Giella. People talk about how Neal Adams redefined the batman character, but Novick and the over-all editorial direction at DC had just as much to do with the transformation of the character.

A criminal mastermind known as the Schemer kills a blind man and plants evidence to make Commissioner Gordon believe the man is Batman. Since Gordon believe the Caped Crusader is dead, when the real Batman arrives on the scene, the police commissioner thinks he is a phony and has him arrested. With Batman out of the way the Schemer then stages an armored car robbery using crooks disguised as blind men. This new direction began with a story continued next issue.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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Super Yoss said...

Hi! A few days ago I receive a 'christmast gift' form my friends, and I got this issue. But the cover was broken apart, so only front cover.

How to sell this comics, where, and how much? I live in INDONESIA, ASIA PACIFIC.