Friday, March 30, 2007

Strange Adventures #200

Strange Adventures #200 (On Sale: March 30, 1967) has a strange cover by Carmine Infantino and George Roussos.

Inside we have an Enchantress story, "The Guardian Eye" by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell. Alan Dale and June Mooney stumble across a museum robbery. June becomes the Enchantress, but is unable to stop one of the thieves from stealing a "Guardian Eye" from the museum. Shortly thereafter, a monster appears in the city. The Enchantress believes the monster was summoned by the Guardian Eye. The Enchantress would not appear again until 1980 in Superman Family #204.

Next was "The Lair of the Dragonfly" by France Herron and Bernard Baily a reprint from House of Secrets #19.

Lastly was the cover story, "The Man with the Comet Head" by Otto Binder and Jack Sparling.

Pretty boring content for the 200th issue.

Edited by Jack Schiff.

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