Friday, March 30, 2007

Action Comics #350

Action Comics #350 (On Sale: March 30, 1967) has a pretty cool Curt Swan and George Klein cover. I remember reading this one, but I don't think I bought it new.

Inside we have the cover story, "The Secret of the Stone-Age Superman" written by Otto Binder and drawn by Wayne Boring. While vacationing in France, Perry White joins a group of amateur spelunkers. In a cave he discovers a skeleton wearing a Superman costume. The real Man of Steel decides to investigate the strange discovery by traveling back in time to the days of dinosaurs and cavemen.

When Superman arrives in the past he immediately loses his powers. He discovers that the sun is red during this period of history, so he has no powers and is unable to return to his own time period.

The second story is "The Anti-Supergirl Plot" and is by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney. Linda Lee attends a party where a group of performers named the Heroes play music. The Heroes are all dressed as super-heroes. When a Supergirl performer is on stage, the other Heroes search the building, so they can return later to rob it.

After the second robbery at locations where the Heroes have played, the real Supergirl becomes suspicious. She questions Kim Lorne, the girl who played Supergirl. From Kim, Supergirl learns that the Heroes are indeed responsible for the robberies.

During the next show, Supergirl replaces Kim during the Supergirl act. However, she performs so well that the other Heroes notice. They set a Kryptonite trap for Supergirl. Reprinted in Superman Family #169.

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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