Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sea Devils #35

Sea Devils #35 (On Sale: March 28, 1967) has a cover by Howard Purcell and Jack Adler.

Inside we have "The Name of the Game is Death" by Bob Haney, Chic Stone and Sheldon Moldoff. While rescuing the crew of a damaged cargo ship, Dane investigates a strange glowing patch underwater. The other Sea Devils watch Dane enter the patch and a monster emerge. They believe Dane has been transformed into the monster. When the military orders the monster destroyed after it attacks the shipping lanes, the Sea Devils try to stop it without killing it. The military succeeds in killing the creature, and the Sea Devils mourn the loss of Dane.

This is the final issue of the Sea Devils. It's kind of odd that they had Chic Stone draw this issue given that the book was toast. Stone was a Marvel artist and as DC editors began encouraging their artists to make the DC books look more like Marvel, Stone found work ghosting George Papp on Superboy.

Edited by George Kasdan.

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