Thursday, July 23, 2015

Three Mouseketeers #3

Three Mouseketeers #3  (On Sale: July 23, 1970) has a cover by Rube Grossman.

An odd book of reprints of a series loosely parodying the classic Alexander Dumas novel The Three Musketeers. In this case, the lead swordsmice were named Aramouse, Amouse, and Porterhouse (with young accomplice D'Artagmouse), and had various adventures while serving King Looey XIV.

We begin with "Letter from Petey" drawn by Sheldon Mayer and reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #6.

Next is "House Cleaning Day" also by Sheldon Mayer and reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #7.

Sheldon Mayer also drew "The Buzzin' Cousin" reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #2.

"Never Call Names" is next by Si Reit and Rube Grossman and reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #6.

The team of by Si Reit and Rube Grossman are also responsible for "Happy Daze" reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #8.

We end with "Griping Over Grapes" drawn by Sheldon Mayer and reprinted from Three Mouseketeers #2.

The book was edited by Dick Giordano.

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