Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Super DC Giant S-17

Super DC Giant S-17  (On Sale: July 28, 1970) has a cover featuring "Love 1970" by Nick Cardy that is so good, I actually bought the book off the stands and it is the only romance book I ever did that with. Even now, 45 years later, I can stare at this thing forever. That brushy shadow-to-highlight delimiter is just amazing and the brushwork on the feet of both characters is simply awesome. Nick Cardy at his peak.

This is just another reprint book with a really pretty bow around it. Most all of these old romance stories had their artwork altered to modernize the clothes and the hairstyles, so although they are reprints, they are in some ways originals as well.

We start with "Unlucky Bridesmaid" drawn by Irv Novick, an 8-pager reprinted from Secret Hearts #38.

Next is "The Love I Lost -- Twice, " another 8-page tale, this time drawn by Gil Kane and reprinted from Girls' Romances #107.

That is followed by an April O'Day story, "Storm in My Heart" drawn by Jay Scott Pike, This reprint from Girls' Love Stories #106 weighs in at 15 pages. April O’Day was a Hollywood starlet who seemed to have had more romances than she had parts in films. It is suspected that she is the older sister of Angel O’Day of Angel and the Ape fame. Though this has never been confirmed it is true that both characters were created by Bob Oksner. April O’Day was DC's first try at a continuing character in a Romance Comic.  

Next we have "Hello, Heartbreak," a 7-pager drawn by Sy Barry and reprinted from Secret Hearts #40.

"Sweetheart's Wish" is next with seven pages inked by Bernard Sachs. This one is reprinted from Secret Hearts #39.

That is followed by "Heart Full of Love" featuring seven pages of John Forte artwork and reprinted from Secret Hearts #45.

"Love Finds a Way" brings up the read. It is seven pages reprinted from Secret Hearts #41.

Edited by Dick Giordano.

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