Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonder Woman #190

Wonder Woman #190 (On Sale: July 7, 1970) has a cover Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano.

Mike Sekowsky wrote and drew and Dick Giordano inked "Detour" our book-length Wonder Woman story. Back from China and a little bit down, I-Ching suggests that Diana visit her mother on Paradise Island, but when Amazon messenger Leda attempts to bring Diana through the dimensional stream they take and unexpected detour and end up int he dark fending off unseen creatures. When a green moon appears the creatures scamper and Diana and Leda find themselves in an alien landscape.

When finally the sun rises a strange flying ship appears and armed men attempt to capture Diana and Leda. Diana holds them at bay while Leda escapes through the dimensions to Paradise Island to bring reinforcements. Eventually the men overpower Diana and she and a barbarian man are taken to the city of Calendar where they are brought before the queen.

They learn that they were captured to fight in the arena for sport, but the queen dismisses Diana as "just a girl." Diana says she sees no reason to wait for the arena to fight and using her shackles as a weapon sets upon her captors, the barbarian man at her side. Diana makes it to the queen but is overpowered and knocked unconscious.

She awakes in a cell with Rancor the barbarian and they manage to escape. They are chased through the castle but end up in the arena, realizing they were allowed to escape and were pointed toward their death. In the arena they face a giant monster called a gnarth, but Diana has a plan for killing it. The plan works and then they leap out of the arena and once again are upon the queen and her men. As reinforcements arrive they are chased once again through the castle and up to the top of a tower. From there they see an army amassed at the gates of Calendar.

Rancor says it is the army of his father, King Zangor and that he was captured when he was scouting ahead of the army. They are there to end the rule of the evil queen. As the queen's men approach, Diana and Rancor leap from the tower into the moat. This one is continued.

Reprinted in Diana Prince:Wonder Woman Vol. 3 TPB.

Edited by Mike Sekowsky.

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