Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Army at War #223

Our Army at War #223 (On Sale: July 2, 1970) has a Sgt. Rock cover by Joe Kubert.

In "On Time" Russ Heath illustrates an 11-page Sgt Rock story written by Joe Kubert. In it Sgt. Rock and Easy Company capture a small town in France which was occupied by the Nazis. They find a warehouse full of food provisions stored by the enemy. When the Germans return, Rock and his men defend the warehouse. The fact that the enemy wants the warehouse intact serves to protect Easy Company from assault.

A new recruit named Turtle joins Easy Company in the midst of battle. He informs Rock that reinforcements will arrive soon, but the sergeant doesn't count on them making it in time. During one enemy attack, Turtle disables an German tank. The crew is taken prisoner. The captured soldiers then inform Sgt. Rock that a hidden weapons cache is under the warehouse. Rock and Easy Company then use the weapons to turn back the enemy attack and defend themselves until the reinforcements arrive.

Next is "Pvt. Buck's Army" and we end with a U.S.S. Stevens tale, "The Kunko Warrior" by Sam Glanzman

Edited by Joe Kubert.

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