Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Challengers of the Unknown #75

Challengers of the Unknown #75 (On Sale: June 2, 1970) has a Jack Kirby reprint cover with a George Tuska frame around it.

"Ultivac is Loose" s  a reprint of the Challengers of the Unknown's second appearance from Showcase #7. The story is written and drawn by Jack Kirby. Hmm, why is DC reprinting so much Kirby lately?

Felix Hesse, a war criminal, and Floyd Barker have created a living computer named Ultivac. Hesse asks the Challengers of the Unknown for help when the robot resists control. The Challengers agree to help, but Hesse is abucted away from them. Ultivac creates Hesse doubles to act as agents in retrieving materials for him.

The Challengers enlist the aid of robotics specialist, Dr. June Robbins. Red and June trail one of the Hesse doubles back to Ultivac’s headquarters. June befriends Ultivac which allows Red, Hesse, and Barker to overcome him (it?). Rather than turn Ultivac over to the government, Hesse and Barker try to use Ultivac for their personal gain. Ultivac breaks loose and take June with him.

He creates a double of himself which is destroyed by the Challengers, but June convinces him to meet humanity half way and work with them. At a public hearing, an angry Hesse blasts Ultivac and kills Rocky in the process. Rocky is revived from the dead and Ultivac is converted into a immobile computer.

June has earned the right to become a Challenger and joins the team.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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