Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running Late

I've been a bit behind this month in getting the entries up. There are a couple of reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that I am hitting a stretch of comics with very little information available on-line. I get most of what I post from the Grand Comics Database, Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics or the DC Comics Database. To that basic information I add my own personal recollections and observations. Sometimes I have to do a Google search for a specific issue as I find nothing on a particular issue, story-wise, at any of these sites. That is happening more and more frequently as we hit the middle third of 1969.

What I have done to rectify this lack of information is start pulling out my old books. Some of my collection is easy to get to and some is not, but I have pulled a number of titles from 1969 out and have begun rereading them so that I have something to put into these entries. You can pretty much pick those books out; they are the ones where I get wordy. I find it hard to cull a book down to a few short sentences, so I tend to ramble on somewhat. You will also notice that I am going back in some cases to books from April and May and adding in the storyline as I find the book and reread it.

I hope that the readers of this blog appreciate the extra effort here, just know that sometimes that extra effort results in the listing going up 40 years and a few days later.


Douglas Wolk said...

I appreciate all your efforts here enormously! I'm really enjoying this blog. Thanks so much for doing it.

Scott said...

Ditto. Keep up the great work.

mykalel said...

Agreed. We all appreciate the extra effort. Wonder why mid-69 is such a black hole?

RAB said...

Chiming in to agree with the above commenters. Your entries have helped me reconnect with a lot of powerful memories -- this was the time I started reading comics, not to mention anything else -- and surely no one could mind the difference of a few days' delay.