Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls' Love Stories #145

Girls' Love Stories #145 (On Sale: June 26, 1969) has another sexy cover by Nick Cardy.

We begin with "Tears for Tomorrow" drawn by Gene Colan. This one must have been in inventory for a while.

Next is "Stand-In for Love" from Secret Hearts #40 and inked by Bernard Sachs.

We end with "My Secret" penciled by Jay Scott Pike.

Edited by Joe Orlando.


Jacque Nodell said...

I love this cover. The coloring scheme is great and I dig the expression on her face. The only thing is... I have always thought her boots sort of look like they belong on a mummy!

-Keller said...

Nick Cardy was the best of this new generation of romance cover artists. I miss the big crying faces of the last few years and when Colletta became the "go-to" inker for the romance covers the cover quality, and romance comics in general at DC quickly went down the tubes.