Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adventures of Jerry Lewis #113

Adventures of Jerry Lewis #113 (On Sale: May 6, 1969) has another nice Bob Oksner cover.

This issue contains three Jerry Lewis stories, "Hal, Hal, the Gang's All Here," "Mr. Misfortune Teller" and "Beware the Dog-Catcher." I have no information on any of these, though Bob Oksner may have drawn some of them. I have no idea who took over the writing of Jerry once Arnold Drake was ousted from the company.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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Martin O'Hearn said...

According to the Who's Who in American Comic Books, some of the Jerry Lewis writers after Drake were Sergio Aragones, Alan Riefe (who wrote one or two DC mystery stories), and Marv Wolfman. E. Nelson Bridwell talked about writing the Jerry Meets the Flash story.

Martin O'Hearn