Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funny Book Fanatic Blog of the Week

We don't get many honors around here, so when we do get one we surely appreciate it. Dave Olbrich's Funny Book Fanatic blog has named DC Comics 40 Years Ago as its Blog of the Week! That puts us in the running for his coveted Blog of the Month which I am sure comes with a hefty cash award, something that we can put to good use in these hard economic times. What? No money? Eh, I guess we will just have to be satisfied with the accolades.

We particularly wanted to comment on the impeccable taste of Mr. Olbrich and were taken by his strong support for this small endeavor of ours:

I have seen a lot of cool stuff on the internet since I started posting this fanatic blog around three months ago, but this Blog of the Week deserves to be singled out as one of the coolest and most extraordinary.
Thanks for the honor Dave and now we will cross our fingers on that Blog of the Month award! And by the way, it is not just Mr. Olbrich's exceptional taste in blogs that we admire; anyone who writes about the late, great and mostly forgotten Gene Day is definitely OK in our book.


Norman Boyd said...

A well deserved mention Keller. Keep up the much appreciated trip down memory lane. Bloggers don't always know they are being read when they received no comments, but be assured you are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Fame and fortune cannot be far behind.

nick said...

Yes, good to see that you're getting some recognition--this is a very cool web site! One of the few that I make it a point to visit very regularly.

Sharon said...

Congrats...and very much deserved!