Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spectre #6

Spectre #6 (On Sale: July 16, 1968) in a total and complete departure from the Neal Adams covers of the past four issues, has a really poorly colored cover by Jerry Grandenetti and Murphy Anderson.

"Pilgrims of Peril" is by Gardner Fox, Jerry Grandenetti and Murphy Anderson. Jim Corrigan responds to trouble in Gateway City's Old Quarter. Four spectral pilgrims have chased away the residents and erected a smokey barrier that prevents entry to the area. The Spectre crosses the barrier and follows a young boy named Billy who was trapped inside. They soon find themselves in the realm of Geimpo in battle against the demon lord Nawor. The Spectre is able to defeat Nawor using earthly objects from Billy's pockets.

Back on Earth Jim Corrigan has lost his battle against the spectral pilgrims. Hundreds of years ago they tried to bring Nawor to Earth using magic talismans. They failed, but Nawor allowed them to return every 100 years to try again. This time they finally succeed in bringing Nawor to Earth.

The Spectre battles Nawor again, but now on Earth, the demon is invincible. Billy helps Jim Corrigan escape and defeat the pilgrims which weakens Nawor. The Spectre then uses a rowan tree to defeat the demon and banish him. The spectral pilgrims then dissolve into dust. Reprinted in Adventure Comics #499.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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