Friday, May 23, 2008

Teen Titans #16

Teen Titans #16 (On Sale: May 23, 1968) has another brilliant cover by Nick Cardy. In The Art of Nick Cardy Nick says of this cover, "One of my favorite covers. The book is a huge monolith with the figures in a circle of activity around it with the openings to entrap the heroes. I like the simplicity of the design. Also, I put my son's name on the cover of the giant book." Some people mistakenly believe that the name is Cardy's own, which is actually Nicholas Viscardi.

"The Dimensional Caper" is by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy. Teenager Chet Walters becomes the town laughingstock when he tells his story of being kidnapped into another dimension. When the Teen Titans investigate, however, they discover that Hillsdale High actually is the secret base for an alien takeover, and that the school principal is one of the extradimensional alien leaders. Entering "Dimension X", they rescue Chet and his fellow students from being trapped in the alternate reality and being replaced by duplicates. This story has been reprinted in Brave and the Bold #116 and Showcase Presents: Teen Titans Vol. 1 TPB.

Edited by Dick Giordano.

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