Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Green Lantern #62

Green Lantern #62 (On Sale: May 28, 1968) has a very nicely drawn, if not so interestingly colored cover by Jack Sparling.

"Steal Small -- Rob Big" is by Gardner Fox, Jack Sparling and Sid Greene. Hal Jordan is assigned to investigate a series of bizarre robberies in which trivial objects of no value were stolen. While on a date with Eve Doremus, a bandit attacks him and steals a ballpoint pen from Eve as well as a heart pendant that Hal had given her. Hal is knocked out, so he is unable to use his power ring to stop the thief.

The next day Hal learns that the victims of the earlier robberies were robbed again. This time however valuables were taken. Hal deduces that Eve's house will be the next target and is waiting for the crooks when they arrive. He is able to capture several members of the gang.

However all the crooks were not present at the robbery scene. The one that took Eve's pendant uses a device that utilizes light rays absorbed by ordinary objects to see what happened around them. The crooks used the device on the stolen trinkets to learn about bigger targets. When the crook uses the device on Eve's pendant it shows him that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern.

The crooks lure Hal into a trap, but he refuses to admit that he is Green Lantern. While Hal is tied up, the crooks commit another robbery.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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