Friday, August 24, 2007

Green Lantern #56

Green Lantern #56 (On Sale: August 24, 1967) features another Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson cover.

"The Green Lanterns' Fight for Survival" is by John Broome and Gil Kane. Continuing from last issue, Green Lantern and Charley Vicker join the fight against several cosmic criminals led by Al Magone. GL battles Ahsez, a foe who has already killed three members of the Green Lantern Corps. Though temporarily blinded by a blow to the head, GL is able to prevail against his opponent.

Charley battles a different opponent. His inexperience nearly causes him to lose the battle until his foe boasts of killing another Earthman. Charley realizes that this alien killed his brother. Emotion gives Charley new strength, and he triumphs over his brother's killer.

Hal and Charley then join Tomar-Re, who has won his own battle, to track down the source of the mini-nucelo energy which is counteracting their power rings. They locate Al Magone, the Earthman responsible for releasing the criminals. Hal battles Magone's robot bodyguard Dalbo. When he is finally victorious, Hal discovers that the robot was the power source.

Edited by Julius Schwartz.

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