Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blackhawk #237

Blackhawk #237 (On Sale: August 15, 1967) sports a pretty dramatic cover by the usual team of Dick Dillin and Charles Cuidera.

Inside we have "The Magnificent Assassins" by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin and Charles Cuidera, a continuation of last issue's story. The Blackhawks are forced to answer for the death of G.E.O.R.G.E. agent Johnny Vak after a mission goes bad. Each Blackhawks gives his own account of the mission to Mr. Delta who accuses the team of intentionally trying to sabotage the mission and kill Johnny. Following their testimony, the Blackhawks are suspended.

Johnny Vak, really an android agent, is repaired and sent to complete the botched mission alone. Seeking to restore their good names, the Blackhawks go against orders and follow Johnny to help him. When they find the location of Barbarossa, the enemy agent Johnny was sent to kill, the Blackhawks discover that Johnny Vak is really working with the criminal.

Edited by George Kashdan

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