Friday, April 2, 2010

Challengers of the Unknown #74

Challengers of the Unknown #74 (On Sale: April 2, 1970) has a very nice cover featuring the Challs and mentioning Deadman.

The 23-page "To Call a Deadman" brings together not only the Challengers of the Unknown and Deadman, which seems like a match made in heaven, but als features Johnny Double in his first appearance since his Showcase tryout. The story is by Denny O'Neil and the artwork is by George Tuska, except for the panels featuring Deadman which are drawn by Neal Adams. I thought putting Deadman and the Challs together was a brilliant idea that would save this book, but of course, I was wrong. Starting next issue the Challengers of the Unknown became a reprint book; DC wasn't even waiting to see if Deadman helped out sales. This strange tale was reprinted in World's Finest Comics #230 and Deadman Collection HC.

The one-page filler this issue is "Dark as Death" by Murray Boltinoff and Bernie Wrightson.

Edited by Murray Boltinoff.

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