Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running Behind Again

I'm running behind schedule again. I am being swamped with projects at work that are sapping my strength, leaving me exhausted. On top of that I have 15 books to read this month, and my detailed recaps always take an hour or so to produce. If there is something special about the book, like John Broome's last story or Al Williamson's, John Severin's and Jerry DeFuccio's first DC stories in this blog, then the items take even longer to write.

Well, things could be even worse. I could still own all my Mort Weisinger books and have to reread them as well. That would have put me at rereading 21 of the 28 books DC published this month.

Well, enough complaining from me. To be honest this month has been a goldmine of good stuff so far, from the above mentioned milestones, to Deadman's return, and there are still a few gems to go. Poor me, I have to read great comics.


vinnie said...

Keller, now seems as good a time as any to say thanks for your continuing efforts with this blog! I visit regularly and am always excited to see the "new" stuff coming out. Can't believe it's 1970 already--it feels like 1967 was only yesterday!

Luis said...

I also add my thanks to this excellent blog. I read it regularly and am always amazed at all the truly great comics DC published 40 years ago. Keep up the great work!

Sharon said...

Fantastic blog! I was a Marvel snob back then, but then when I read this blog I'm reminded that I also read a lot of DC. And frankly, DC was underrated. Keep up the great work at whatever pace suits you--your posts are worth waiting for!