Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Girls' Love Stories #149

Girls' Love Stories #149 (On Sale: December 23, 1969) has a cover penciled by Ric Estrada. Some have this credited to Nick Cardy, but those people are on serious drugs.

This issue begins with our cover-story, "Forbidden Love," penciled by Ric Estrada. Next is "For Better or Worse" penciled by John Rosenberger. That is followed by "...But Only in My Dreams" penciled by Ric Estrada. We end with Confessions : "Episode 3" penciled by John Rosenberger.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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B Allen Krauz said...

Yeah,...a good many list the wrong artist. I've even seen a big comic auctioneer, selling a famous 1960's JLA Original Cover art, listing INFANTINO as the penciller,...when it's SEKOWSKY. It was the one with the "grown-up" Robin(Earth II)in the center, with ANDERSON inks...

Usually it is easier to recognize inkers than pencillers, for DC's Romance Line, as there was never any credits then...& the inkers made them all look the same.
But CARDY, PIKE, ROMITA, & all the others who inked their own work, are recognizeable immediately to a trained eye. It is always easier for another "artist" to recognize one's work, than a non-artist...