Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DC Special #6

DC Special #6 (On Sale: November 11, 1969) has a beautiful cover by Neal Adams with a really big logo for The Wild Frontier issue.

We begin with Daniel Boone in "Son of Chief Black Fish" from Legends of Daniel Boone #1, drawn by Nick Cardy. Next is Tomahawk in "The Junior Ghost Patrol" from World's Finest Comics #69 by Dave Wood and Nick Cardy. That is followed by Davy Crockett in "War Stick of Chief Fighting Elk" from Frontier Fighters #4, drawn by John Prentice. That is followed by Kit Carson in "The Raiders of the Oregon Trail" also from Frontier Fighters #4 and drawn by Howard Sherman. We have Buffalo Bill in "Young Bill -- of the Pony Express" from Frontier Fighters #6 by Dave Wood and Joe Kubert. We end with Pow-Wow Smith in (The Tenderfoot Deputy) from Detective Comics #178 and drawn by Leonard Starr.

Edited by Dick Giordano.

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