Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swing With Scooter #19

Swing With Scooter #19 (On Sale: April 22, 1969) has a cover by Henry Scarpelli.

We begin with Scooter in "Osculation Frustration," which is followed by a one-page Malibu story both by person unknown. Penny and Cookie star in "We Make with Paint, But Rembrandt We Ain't" by Murray Boltinoff, Doug Crane and Henry Scarpelli. We round out the issue with Scooter in "Too Many Crooks" by Barbara Friedlander, Doug Crane and Henry Scarpelli.

This is the first story Editor Murray Boltinoff wrote for DC since a House of Secrets story in 1963 and that story was the first one he had written since an Air Wave story in Detective Comics #72, in 1943. Boltinoff created the Air Wave character in Detective Comics #60 in 1942 and wrote all of the Air Wave stories for the next 13 issues.

This issue of Swing With Scooter marked Boltinoff's return to the pen. He would write over 90 stories for DC in the next 12 years, mainly horror stories, but also a good number of wars tales and a single Jimmy Olsen story for Superman Family #182.

Barbara Friedlander had been an Editor at DC a few years earlier, on some of the romance books and was also one of the early writers of Scooter, writing 11 Scooter tales in the first six issues of Swing With Scooter. This story was also her return to DC where she would write 11 more stories for Scooter and the romance books in the next few years.

Edited by Joe Orlando.

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