Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #88

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #88 (On Sale: September 24, 1968) has a cool, pretty dramatic cover by Neal Adams.

"Through a Murderer's Eyes" is by E. Nelson Bridwell and Irv Novick. A member of the Cary Mob tries to kill Lois to prevent her from testifying against the mob boss Nero Cary. Jimmy stops the killer, but Lois is temporarily blinded. The eye doctor warns her that the blindness may become permanent. When Lois returns to be rechecked, the Cary Mob replaces the doctor and convinces her that the damage is permanent.

Superman helps Lois by bringing the doctors the body of Gunner Stowe, an executed convict. Lois is then given an eye transplant and receives Stowe's eyes. She then begins having visions of Stowe's victims.

When Lois is called to testify against Cary, the defense tries to use the hallucinations to discredit her. Lois then explains that she has discovered the crooks' scheme. She was not blind and did not receive Stowe's eyes. The crooks placed contact lenses on her eyes that caused the visions. With their scheme exposed, the crooks give up, and Nero pleads guilty. OK, not the soundest of plots but enough to get it reprinted in Superman Family #174.

Our back-up story is "The Perfect Husband" reprinted from Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #24 and is drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger. Lois Lane appears on the People are Whacky TV show. The show has a computer select the ideal man for Lois, choosing Roger Warner, a wealthy sportsman and Clark Kent look-a-like. Lois is convinced that Superman is her ideal man, but Roger slowly wins her over, and Lois agrees to marry him. When a gust of wind created by Superman’s super-speed blows Roger’s wig off, exposing his secret baldness, Roger feels that he has deceived Lois and leaves her for good. Wow, I guess I shouldn't have said anything about the previous plot!

Edited by Mort Weisinger.

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Nick said...

Apparently, follicle-challenged Roger Warner didn't read the Lois Lane 80-Page Giant from a few months earlier where she falls in love with Lex Luthor despite his bald head. Then again, that *was* an imaginary story. I guess in "real life" Lois was a tad more shallow, eh? Hard to impress a gal whose usual boyfriend has hair that is not only dark and thick, but can shatter bricks.